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//Following on from the previous post.//

To many people the very idea of a marketer calling for transparency may seem a little strange, but consider the following:

One of the first things you learn in an agency is the benefit of a tight brief, of clearly defining the problem on which you work. I imagine the same is true for any form of ‘witty problem-solving’ (a Bullmorism), from design to cruciverbalism: it is the very parameters and boundaries that actually create the best solutions.

In practice, marketers are mercenary bastards, to be sure. But you can also be sure that few (decent ones) would derive much satisfaction from helping EDF ape Ecotricity so shamelessly as this.

Parameters can come in many forms, from budget to scope to regulation (of which there should be more) to personal standards to just-knowing-you-would-be-found-out. Most marketers I know hope that the net tightens quickly on Greenwashing: it might make them work harder, but it would also make their work better.

The environmental marketing firm Terrachoice produce a guide to the ‘seven sins of greenwashing’ here. It is well worth reading. The picture at the top is one of theirs too.


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